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日期: Friday, January 31, 2020 at 8:54 AM

至: "Barry, Ellen" 伊琳•白侣

主题: Re: query from a journalist

Dear Ms. Barry, 白侣女士:

Thank you for your inquiry. 谢谢来信咨询。

The prosecution of Dr. Charles Lieber represents a dark page in international science and a non-erasable stain on US history. Dr. Lieber is a great scientist of international renown and a highly respected person of integrity.


The formation of a China Initiative in the US Department of Justice to persecute cases related to China, specifically targeting scientists and scholars is a shame that history will remember Trumpism for. In peace time, no country has ever targeted scientists of or from another country, ever. Scientists have served as a bridge in the worst of wars, hot or cold. Trumps and his followers are desperate in coming up the term “academic espionage”, which is a contradiction of terms: academia is open and free and there is nothing to spy about when everyone in academia tries to publish in international journals for the biggest audiences of scholars.

美国司法部启动“bet36体育在线:专案”追究bet36体育在线:有关的、特别是针对科学家和学者的案子,是历史将记载的特朗普的耻辱之一。 在和平时期,从未有任何国家把另一国的科学家或来自另一国的科学家当做追究目标。 即使在战争最坏的阶段,无论热战还是冷战,科学家一直发挥国际桥梁作用。 特朗普和他的追随者在绝望中,发明“学术间谍”的概念,这个词本身自相矛盾:学术是开放和自由的,大家努力在国际期刊为最大的学界读者群发表研究文章,没有什么可以谍报的。

I am one of the four scholars who proposed the Thousand Talent Program. It is a simple recruitment program: after decades of brain drains of scientists from China, Chinese economy can now afford to recruit scientists and support them to carry out basic science which will be of benefit to mankind. Among the best scientists we have recruited are those in pure math and astronomy, which have no economic values for at least our life time if not forever. They are treasures every country should support when possible. China is taking our turn to support science for humanity. The Trump administration is suppressing climate scientists in the US. They are welcome in China. Trump also dislikes vaccination. If he decides to suppress immunologists as he has suppressed climate scientists, we would love to support immunologists for their contributions to human health.

我是提出“千人计划”的四位学者之一。 这是一个简单的招聘计划:bet36体育在线:经历科学家人才流失数十年之后,bet36体育在线:经济现在有能力招聘科学家并支持他们开展对人类有益的基础科研。 在我们招募的最好的科学家中,有纯数学和天文学的科学家,这些科学家至少在我们一生中都不会提供经济价值,甚至永远不会提供经济价值。 他们是每个国家都应尽可能支持的人类共同财富。 bet36体育在线:愿意为人类而承担支持科学的责任。 特朗普政府正在压制美国的气候科学家,而他们在bet36体育在线:会受欢迎。 特朗普还厌恶疫苗, 如果他像压制气候科学家一样打压免疫学家,我们将很乐意支持免疫学家为人类健康做出贡献。

We are not as stupid as Trump in his stable genius mind set to steal technology with a program. We would like to recruit scientists and support their research. The statement by the FBI agent in his charge of Dr. Lieber shows that Trumpists are not only evil but also uniformly stupid in stating “the Thousand Talents Plan is the most prominent Chinese talent recruitment plan designed by the Chinese Government to incentivize individuals engaged in research and development in the United States to transmit the knowledge and research they gain here to China in exchange for salaries, research funding, lab space, honorary titles, and other incentives”. This is a fat lie that could only be told by a Trumpist with the same genius level as its leader.

我们不会像特朗普的“稳当天才”的头脑那样愚蠢,以致启动一个窃取技术的计划。 我们招募科学家并支持他们的研究。 负责调查李伯教授的联邦调查局特工把“千人计划”描述为 “bet36体育在线:政府设计的最高端的人才招聘计划,旨在吸引在美国做研发工作的人士,将他们在美国获得的知识和研究成果传给bet36体育在线:,以换取薪水,研究经费,实验室空间,荣誉称号和其他激励优惠待遇。” 这是一个大谎言,展示特朗普主义者们不仅邪恶,而且愚蠢,只有与他们的领导人具备同样天才水平的特朗普主义者才能说出来。

Yi Rao 饶毅


发件人: "Barry, Ellen"

日期: Friday, January 31, 2020 at 2:54 AM

主题: query from a journalist 一位记者的咨询

Dear Dr. Yi, 饶教授,你好。

I am writing from the New England bureau of the New York Times, hoping to speak to you about the Thousand Talents program in light of the arrest of Charles Lieber here in Massachusetts yesterday.


Since Dr. Liebers prosecution seems to revolve almost entirely around his inclusion in Thousand Talents, I am hoping to explain to readers what it is, especially for US-based scientists who become involved.


Ive read several interviews of yours on this subject and would very much appreciate a chance to talk about Dr. Liebers case and its effect on the larger program.


Best wishes 致良好的祝愿,

Ellen Barry 伊琳•白侣

New England bureau chief 纽约时报新英格兰分社社长


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